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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Health of adults declines when they stop driving

New York Jan 20 A new review of previous studies indicates that cessation of driving by older adults may contribute to a variety of health problems especially depression.

Suffering from mental illness? Adopt a pet

London, Dec 11 For individuals suffering from various mental illness, pets can provide them with unconditional support as well as help manage stigma, a research suggests.

Kolkata hospital refuses to release patient over money, alleges kin

Kolkata, Feb 24 A man who was critically injured in a road accident in West Bengal died on Thursday night due to inadequate treatment by a private hospital, which had also refused to allow the kin to shift him to a state-run hospital unless they paid up the full amount, the family alleged on Friday.

Unending tests of Maggi cannot go on Apex consumer court

New Delhi Nov 24 The apex consumer court on Tuesday said unending testing of Maggi samples cannot go on following the Rs.640-crore class action suit filed by the government against Nestle India.

Odisha orders probe after man walks 10 km with wife’s body

Bhubaneswar, Aug 25 The Kalahandi district administration of Odisha on Thursday ordered an inquiry into the shocking incident of a tribal man taking his wife's body home on his shoulder after hospital authorities denied him a mortuary van or an ambulance.

Interaction between adoptive, biological parents can benefit kids

New York, Aug 15 Open adoptions, in which communication is encouraged between adoptive families and the biological family, can benefit the child as well as the adoptive parents, says a study.

Are you suffering from Angelina Jolie syndrome?

London Dec 13 If you pay extra attention to the probability of dangerous diseases that you may suffer in future you are probably suffering from what is being termed as Angelina Jolie syndrome a study warns.

Energy from cellphone towers ups pain in amputees Study

New York Feb 4 Living near cellphone towers that produce radio-frequency electromagnetic fields can amplify pain in amputees suggests new research.

South Africa vows to be malaria free by 2018

Pretoria April 25 South Africa commemorated World Malaria Day on Monday pledging to eliminate the disease by 2018.

Grow plants to deter mosquitoes Expert

New Delhi, Oct 1 Growing pest-repelling plants and herbs inside homes can help in warding off the threat of mosquito-borne diseases like chikungunya, dengue and malaria in the city, say experts.

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