Friday, January 21, 2022

Biofuels can cut jet engine pollution by half

Washington, March 16 Using biofuels to help power jet engines cuts particle emissions in their exhaust by as much as 50 to 70 per cent, says a NASA study.

Great Barrier Reef’s survival relies on reducing warming

Brisbane, March 16 Australia's Great Barrier Reef can be saved only if urgent steps are taken to reduce global warming, a new research revealed on Thursday.

Indian-American teenager wins top science prize

Washington, March 16 Indian-American teenager, Indrani Das, won the top, $250,000 prize in the prestigious Regeneron Science Talent Search competition for her research on treating brain injuries and diseases.

Seven teams qualify for Indian private moon mission

Bengaluru, March 15 Seven teams, including three from India, have qualified for the country's first private moon mission in December, space technology start-up TeamIndus said on Wednesday.

Italian team placed first in TeamIndus Lab2Moon competition

Bengaluru, March 15 Naples-based Team Space4Life has come first in the Lab2Moon competition organised by TeamIndus for selecting experiments to fly aboard its spacecraft being launched for the Moon later this year.

1.6 bn years old plant-like fossil oldest in the world

London, March 15 Researchers have found in India fossils of 1.6 billion-year-old probable red algae which indicates that advanced multicellular life evolved much earlier than previously thought.

Dwarf star found orbiting closest to black hole

New York, March 14 Researchers have found evidence of a white dwarf star orbiting a likely black hole at a distance of only 961,000 km -- just about 2.5 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Natural swings partly responsible for Arctic sea ice loss

Washington, March 14 Rapid loss of Arctic sea ice in recent decades is partly driven by natural swings, not just global warming triggered by human activities, says a study.

World’s first fluorescent frog discovered in South America

Buenos Aires, March 14 The worlds first fluorescent frog has been discovered in the Amazon basin in Argentina, a media report said on Tuesday.

SpaceX postpones launch of EchoStar communication satellite

Washington, March 14 SpaceX has postponed its scheduled launch of the EchoStar 23 communications satellite on Tuesday.