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Are you suffering from Angelina Jolie syndrome?

London Dec 13 If you pay extra attention to the probability of dangerous diseases that you may suffer in future you are probably suffering from what is being termed as Angelina Jolie syndrome a study warns.

How you keep balance while jogging

London Sep 7 Do you know why a jogger does not feel dizzy or lose balance while a roller-coaster rider can find his or her head spinning with no control over the abrupt dips and swoops? The secret is hidden in the sensory hair cells in your inner ear.

Climate change hampers sex drive too

New York Nov 9 What has climate change to do with sex drive? A lot say researchers suggesting that global warming is not only hampering our environment and natural resources but also the action between the sheets.

Volcanoes go quite silent before eruption

New York, June 24 Seismic quietness occurs immediately before volcanoes erupt and can, thus, be used to forecast an impending eruption for restless volcanoes, say researchers.

NCSM creates record for longest running science programme

Kolkata, March 3 The National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) has created a national record for the largest and longest running science education programme through its fleet of 23 Museobuses, spanning 50 years, an official said on Thursday.

China launches new-generation weather satellite

Beijing, Dec 11 China launched a weather satellite at 1211 a.m. local time on Sunday, marking an upgrade of China's meteorological satellites in geostationary orbit.

E-cigarette ads trigger use in young adults

New York Nov 20 Exposure to e-cigarette advertisements may enhance curiosity and usage among young adults says a study.

Why your grandfather hates self-reliant robots at home

New York Feb 2 Senior citizens are likely to accept robots as dish washers and entertainment providers but are wary of giving up too much control to the machines say researchers.

New Chinese satellite successfully transmits signals to Earth

Beijing March 4 Signals to Earth from Chinas new BeiDou Navigation Satellite have been successfully received and decoded the media reported on Friday.

Common hair growth drugs could ruin your sex life

New York Aug 26 Certain common drugs prescribed for those suffering from male pattern hair loss - known as alopecia - and benign prostate enlargement (BPH) may lead to adverse sexual side effects such as loss of libido or erectile dysfunction warns a new study.

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