Saturday, October 24, 2020

Low-cost technology together removes arsenic, iron from water

Kolkata, March 14 Researchers from Assam have invented a simple technology that together removes arsenic and iron from contaminated water at less than one paisa per litre.

Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have water closer to surface

Washington, March 14 Saturn moon Enceladus's hidden sea might be closer to the surface than previously thought, suggests a new study that found the south polar region of the moon to be warmer than expected just a few feet below its icy surface.

Longer deadlines lead to higher donation

London, March 12 People become more generous if they do not feel too pressurised to help charities, suggests new research which contends that longer deadlines lead to more donations.

Pakistan inducts Chinese air defence system

Islamabad, March 12 Pakistan has inducted an advanced Chinese-made LY-80 (Lomads) surface-to-air missile defence system to secure its airspace from any sort of misadventure, an army statement said on Sunday.

Iron-based alloy could cut energy loss in electric transformers

Moscow, March 11 Russian scientists have found that a new iron-based alloy could reduce energy loss inside electric transformers and motors by 66 per cent.

Orbital ATK’s 7th resupply mission to space station delayed

Washington, March 11 The launch of Orbital ATKs seventh commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station has been delayed and it is now targetted for no earlier than March 21, NASA said.

World’s oldest, 152 mn years old crocodile eggs found in Portugal

London, March 10 Researchers have found the world's oldest crocodilian eggs that were laid 152 million years ago.

‘Lost’ Chandrayaan-1 found orbiting Moon

Washington, March 10 India's first lunar mission -- the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, which was generally considered lost -- is still orbiting the Moon, NASA scientists have found with new technological application of interplanetary radar.

Using hormonal contraceptives may up breast cancer risk

London, March 10 Although age has been an important risk factor of breast cancer, a study said post-menopausal women who used a hormonal intrauterine device were at 52 per cent increased risk of the disease, when compared to those who used copper a device.

NASA’s ‘Europa Clipper’ mission to explore Jupiter’s moon

Washington, March 10 NASA has announced that its upcoming mission to explore the habitability of Jupiter's icy moon Europa will be officially called Europa Clipper.