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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Gangaram hospitals first IVF from parents with translocation defects

New Delhi Feb 13 A hospital here has emerged as the first medical institution in India to successfully perform in vitro fertilization (IVF) from parents with translocation defects.

Movement of Greenland ice during past 9000 years mapped

New York Feb 5 Mapping for the first time how the Greenlands ice sheet has moved over time scientists have found that ice in the interior is moving more slowly towards the edges than it has on average during the past 9000 years.

Digital Transformation helps firms to target new markets, business models

Chennai, Oct 9 Many Indian companies have boarded the digital transformation express to cut costs, increase efficiency and expand businesses, and many others are planning to do the same, according to a top official in consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

India needs planetary defence Indian-origin space scientist (Lead recasting intro)

Bengaluru Feb 13 An Indian-origin space scientist says the suspected meteorite strike in Vellore Tamil Nadu last week that killed a man on a college campus is a glaring reminder that the country needs to seriously think about putting in place a meteor defence and reconnaissance infrastructure and evolve a national meteor disaster preparedness policy.

Cherry-flavoured e-cigarettes more harmful to users

New York Jan 31 Users of cherry-flavoured e-cigarettes may be exposed to higher levels of potentially harmful respiratory chemical reveals a new study.

These waves help scan objects behind barriers

New York, Aug 7 A group of researchers has created a special type of strong electromagnetic wave that can help authorities see objects behind barriers.

All languages equally efficient at conveying meaning

London Feb 2 There is no difference in the time it takes people from different countries to read and process different languages new research has found.

Eureka! 30 key genes for longer healthier life identified

London Dec 2 After combing through 40000 potential genes in three animal species researchers have zeroed in on 30 genes which if tweaked a bit can get you eternal youth - without having to search for and drink that elusive elixir of life.

What caused the monster El Nino in 2015?

Washington May 10 Presence of warm water in the Pacific Ocean due to a stalled El Nino in 2014 stacked the deck for a monstrous version of the warming climate cycle to occur in 2015 a study says.

Sewage sludge could be used as sustainable fertiliser

Antananarivo, Aug 16 Researchers have found that thermally conditioned sewage sludge improves soil properties and could be used as a sustainable alternative to commercial fertilisers.

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