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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Freshwater bodies emit more greenhouse gases than thought

New York Dec 16 The worlds rivers and streams pump about 10 times more methane into our atmosphere than scientists estimated in previous studies new research suggests.

Facebook groups not effective against substance use

Toronto Aug 7 Despite their growing number online support groups such as those on Facebook are not as effective as the face-to-face counselling in curbing substance use among the youth a new study has found.

Air pollution level severe in Delhi

New Delhi, Nov 2 Delhi on Wednesday morning witnessed severe level of air quality, marked with low visibility, even three days after Diwali.

Watch Earth as it rotates on new NASA website

Washington Oct 20 NASA has launched a new website where you can see images of the full sunlit side of the Earth as it rotates every day.

Scientists reveal mechanics of continental break-up

Sydney, July 19 Using seismic data and sophisticated computer simulations, a team of international scientists has revealed the underlying mechanics when a pair of continents part ways -- a phenomenon that is still not completely understood.

Ancient Egyptians bred birds as offering to the gods

London Sep 4 Three dimensional imaging of a mummified kestrel that died due to forced overeating provides evidence that the ancient Egyptians bred birds of prey and mummified them as offerings for the gods says a new study

New carnivorous dinosaur species uncovered in Britain

London Jan 21 A new carnivorous dinosaur species named Dracoraptor hanigani has been uncovered in the south of Wales which could possibly be the oldest known Jurassic dinosaur from Britain according to a study.

Antibody therapy found promising against MERS virus

New York Feb 18 A new treatment for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has been found to protect mice from infection according to a study.

Instagram most popular among US teenagers Study

New York Oct 19 Photo-sharing platform Instagram is the most popular social media site among teenagers in the US reveals a new survey.

Simple test to predict diabetes risk after child delivery

London Oct 23 Researchers have developed an accurate method of predicting the probability of developing diabetes following childbirth.

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