Saturday, October 24, 2020

Our DNA less human than scientists previously thought!

New York March 23 A significant portion of what we think of as our human DNA actually came from viruses and a new discovery suggests that our DNA is even less human than scientists previously thought.

Preemies lungs can be examined using lasers

London March 23 Swedish researchers have found that laser light can be used to examine the lungs of premature babies without exposing them to X-ray radiation which can prove to be much harmful.

Microsofts Xbox Kinect to help people with respiratory illnesses

London March 23 Microsofts Xbox Kinect - a popular sensor-based gaming console - can assess the respiratory function of patients and spot conditions such as cystic fibrosis researchers including an Indian origin scientist report.

Soon clothes that clean themselves with light

Sydney March 23 The day when you can look tidy even without washing your clothes does not seem too distant as researchers including one of Indian origin have developed a technology to make textiles clean themselves within less than six minutes when put them under a light bulb or out in the sun.

Mindfulness meditation may ease chronic low back pain Study

New York March 23 Many people endlessly treat themselves with medications for their low-back pain. A team of US researchers has found mindfulness meditation as an effective alternative that may help reduce chronic low-back pain.

British troops find Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak brilliant

London March 23 A camouflage material that makes people disappear has impressed British troops in a field trial conducted recently in the US media reported.

US cargo ship heads for space station with 3D printer

Washington March 23 A private US cargo ship carrying a 3D printer nanosatellites and an experiment to study fire in space blasted off on Tuesday night on an orbital delivery mission to the International Space Station (ISS) for NASA the US space agencys TV broadcast showed.