Cairo, March 16 (IANS) The United Nations warned on Wednesday that around two-thirds of Yemen’s population, are in need of urgent assistance to avoid the risk of starving to death over the coming months.

According to findings of the UN report on food security and emergency nutrition issued in February, Yemen is facing the world’s most serious famine currently, Efe news reported.

The number of people, at least 17 million, facing the risk of starvation in Yemen rose by 21 per cent since June 2016, while the food crisis in the Arab war-torn country has spread to 20 of its 22 provinces.

Unicef estimates that 2.2 million Yemeni children are suffering from severe malnutrition, including 462,000 cases in a serious condition.

The report highlighted that the conflict in Yemen has affected the production of food.

Imports also stopped and contributed to the collapse of public services and social support networks.

The provinces of Taiz and al-Hudaydah, two key food-producing regions, have been the scene of intense violence over the past two years, and now they have the highest rates of malnutrition in the country.

The UN reiterated its call for conflicting parties to allow access to humanitarian aid, which, due to insecurity, is now restricted to major cities.